Sanitation of organism - hyperthermia, as general sanative procedure – sanitation,
using modern methods, +42,5 °C +44 °C became possible.

The procedure of treatment for the patient abroad

For treatment at the International Health Clinic (MOC) located in the city of Varna you must:

1: Forward an application on our web-site regarding “SANTA-therm” treatment in Bulgaria.

2: Send through e-mail copies of your medical records either in English or in Russian language.

3: Get an expert advice regarding the diagnosis and condition of the patient through correspondence.

4: If asked by our colleagues, you will have to go through additional medical tests required for diagnosis, treatment and time-span.

On the basis of the documents provided by you and doctors consultation we can tell you the cost and time needed for “SANTA-THERM” treatment.

After receiving the confirmation from the clinic regarding the procedures to be carried out, we will send you an official invitation for visa in your country.

On receiving the visa, if you wish we can arrange for you some extra services, such as air ticket, personal medical consultant, interpreter, transfer to and from the airport etc. These services are not compulsory but at the request of the patient.

When the necessary formalities e.g. Visa, air ticket, agreement with the clinic are completed then you can independently or in escort of a doctor and translator visit Bulgaria. At the International Wellness Clinic (MOC) a standard checkup and preparations for the procedures are done. This takes about 1-3 days, but to reduce the cost and time of your stay abroad these tests can be done in advance also.