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Reindeer Velvet Antler baths in the MOC International Wellness Clinic, Bulgaria.

The healing properties of the reindeer velvet antlers have been known since the ancient times dating as far back as three thousand years BC. In the Chinese traditional medicine in the court of the Emperor they were used in preparation of certain drugs, which were believed to be able to preserve the power and the energy of youth well into advanced age. In Russia the first deer farms appeared under the court of Peter I, who thought highly of the impact of the reindeer antlers on men’s health.

Reindeer antler livestock industry is popular in many countries across the world especially in New Zealand and Canada but the healing property of the Altai reindeer (or “maral”) knows no equal. Due to the ecologically pristine virgin habitat and due to feeding on remedial herbs that grow only in the Altai, the antlers of the marals accumulate unique complex of biologically active medicinal substances, micro- and macro-elements, peptides, lipids, amino-acids, as well as the biological energy.

Reindeer antlers work on immunity, have energizing properties, stimulate sexual function, have positive effect on the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, and many more. Even the water acquires therapeutic properties after being exposed to the presence of the antlers in it.

Among the numerous products of the reindeer antlers stand out the so-called “antler baths”. It’s a unique therapy attracting million of people across the country as well as from abroad to the Gorny (or “Mountainous”) Altai purposely for this treatment which goes to restore health and boost wellness.

The secret of the Antler Baths is that the healing properties of the maral velvet antlers enter the body through the pores of the skin, enhancing its defense mechanisms and fighting various ailments. Healing power of the antler baths is several times stronger than that of pantocrine and ginseng. The effect from taking the antler baths grows progressively and reaches its maximum after some 8 to12 procedures.

Luckily there is no longer a need to travel all the way to the Gorny Altay. One can enjoy the unique wellness treatment with the reindeer velvet antler baths “Maral ®” in a modernly equipped medical centre which responds to the latest European standards. The Antler Baths “Maral ®” are produced using a unique low-temperature technology, which preserves all the healing properties of the antlers in their original form.

We pay special attention that at the MOC Medical and Wellness centre (Varna) you will receive a detailed consultation with a doctor before the procedure. During the procedure itself the client will be monitored by a specially-trained specialist.

Antler baths "Maral ®" are recommended for:
- improvement of mental and physical performance after a serious illness, as well as in asthenic conditions;
- slowing the aging process;
- improvement of the wellbeing of the clients suffering from atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, impaired peripheral circulation;
- enhancement of the immune system function;
- increased resistance to the cold;
- restoration of healthy sleep pattern;
- improvement of sexual function;
- rapid recuperation of the body, including the post-stress recovery ;
- improvement of the musculoskeletal system;
- skin rejuvenation