Sanitation of organism - hyperthermia, as general sanative procedure – sanitation,
using modern methods, +42,5 °C +44 °C became possible.

List of documents and materials required for hospitalization and treatment by “SANTA-THERM” method

Required laboratory examinations:

• Complete blood count {CBC}.
• Analysis of urine.
• Bio-chemistry of blood. Protein Blood sugar Albumin Urea AST, ALT, GGT, AF, PETIT Bilirubin (direct & indirect)

X-ray of lungs or Fluorography Documents to be submitted in E-format

• Case history statement regarding the development and treatment of primary disease.
• Detailed description and images collected during examination and treatment confirming the main disease.

All documents are to be submitted in Russian language, but the presence of English or German version will speed up the process of admission. Kindly mail the documents.