Sanitation of organism - hyperthermia, as general sanative procedure – sanitation,
using modern methods, +42,5 °C +44 °C became possible.

   The healing power of the heat has been known for humanity for a long time. Artificial warming of entire body and its parts has been used for many centuries in the fight against various diseases and in general health improvement.

   The artificial hyperthermia method has been practiced for more than 25 years in Russian health care. It has been applied until now in general in treatment of the last stages of oncological diseases. It has been established, that practically all kinds of malignant cells die at a definite temperature. At this, the existing ways of hyperthermia did not allow to warm the patient’s body above 42°C without serious complications, threatening his life. Human body stands any temperature stress badly. Starting with 41°C, many blood proteins undergo partial denaturation, and the temperature of 43°C is considered to be unbearable for warm-blooded. The institute collaborators succeeded in doing what was considered as impossible.

   20 years ago in Novosibirsk an attempt had been made to create the safe way of artificial human warming above 42°C.

   As a result “International Health Clinic – Bulgaria” together with Novosibirsk medical university developed and patented the way of General Hyperthermia (GH) of human organism, the principal innovation of which is, that the patient body is heated safely up to 43.5°C- 44°C.

   What was the purpose of creating of general hyperthermia technology of high level?

   First, only high temperature affects perniciously on sick and malignant cells of human body. Second, high temperature can also destroy many microorganisms and viruses. To carry high general hyperthermia easily, without consequences and complications, the man can only under anesthesia. Thus this treatment technology includes intubation narcosis with general intravenous of lungs with pure oxygen.