Sanitation of organism - hyperthermia, as general sanative procedure – sanitation,
using modern methods, +42,5 °C +44 °C became possible.

The Bulgarian clinic (The international Improving Clinic in the city of Varna) together with Novosibirsk scientists developed absolutely unique method of improvement of an organism. It is based on the principle of intensive heattreatment in way by the Short-term General Hyperthermia of the High Level (Santa-therm). This procedure is safe and effective.

This method is a great redemption for the human immune system. Our body is very much prone to diseases and the immune system is vulnerable. No one else, but we are to be blamed for these drawbacks. Unhygienic ecology, malnutrition, contaminated water, intake of medicines (particularly antibiotics) without  consultation of doctor, lack of movement, and living under constant stress, all together happen to be the cause of weakened immunity. This disbalance can further cause secondary immune-deficiency. The person feels constant loss of energy, chronic fatigue and lethargy. The most terrible thing is that the organism becomes vulnerable to diseases like hepatitis B & C, oncological diseases, AIDS/HIV, gets prone to allergic reactions including bronchial asthma and other infectious diseases. To cure all the ailments at the same time is not possible, because while treating one disease the medication given provokes other diseases. Eventually one organ becomes healthier than other, which happens to be disastrous for the immune system.>

A fact that your computer should work without any failure, you need to restart it periodically. The same is to be considered for the immune system. It also needs to be revived. The best option for this can be a short time warm-up e.g. a sauna or a steam-room. The higher the temperature (which body can bear), the stronger will be the immune system. Not in vain our ancestors said that steam bath is one of the best remedy for many diseases. When using “SANTA-therm technology the temperature of human body rises up to 43 degrees, and sometimes even higher. Due to this, malignant cells which are present in the organism die. The body becomes resistant to new formations of oncological tumors, and the immunity increases. Overall condition and functioning of organs improve.

The “SANTA-therm” method has become a brand and a big achievement in the medical technology. This high level hyperthermia allows the body temperature to rise up to 42-43.5 degrees, which is absolutely safe for human organism. It may sound ironical, but it’s a fact. Such a rise in temperature of human body for medical purposes gives a boost to the immune system. Due to this the organism starts to function smoothly and with lesser obstacles.

This method under any circumstances should not be considered as a cure and replace conventional methods of treating hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, oncological and infectious diseases. Doctor should not act immediately! Before assigning and applying a new method of treatment, the consultant should thoroughly check and analyze patient’s case history, check the trend of improvements and dynamics of the disease and only then decide to implement “SANTA-therm and conventional methods of treatment together. Only then, the therapy will show better results, and ailment caused due to weakened immunity shall recede.

The short-time high level hyperthermia is conducted by a highly qualified specialist, who has a PhD or doctoral degree. We do not divide our patients in categories. Any person who contacts us for treatment is treated with total care and is regarded as VIP. To get any information regarding the procedure, its cost, and qualities can contact us on Information shall be provided in your mother tongue or in the language preferred by you.